Non Violent Crime


Non-violent crime includes both police reported property-related offences and other Criminal Code offences. These crimes involve unlawful acts to gain property, but do not involve violence against a person. Crimes against property include offences such as arson, break and enter, theft, mischief, and fraud.

Contributing to the eight percent increase in the non-violent crime rate were greater volumes of theft over $5,000 (+41%), possession/trafficking of stolen goods (+41%), fraud (+20%), theft under $5,000 (+13%), arson (+9%), and motor vehicle theft (+5%).  Break and enter (-9%) and mischief (-4%) both declined in 2019. The non-violent crime CSI increased by eight percent in 2019 to reach 54 points.  The OPS cleared 32 percent of all police reported non-violent crime, unchanged from 2018 and similar to previous years.