OC Transpo Bus Crash

On January 11, 2019, an OC Transpo bus driver lost control of her vehicle and slammed into the overhang of the bus shelter at the Westboro Transit Station.

In the chaos that followed the crash, officers from the OPS arrived on scene to assist in the initial emergency response and set up.  Despite coordinated efforts of all those responding, three people were killed and 23 were injured, some severely.

As emergency responders from across the city continued to converge on the Westboro Station, the OPS Collision Investigation Unit arrived to established investigative control and to ensure that all pertinent information was captured for the report.

Collision Investigation officers immediately contacted our partners at OC Transpo, Transport Canada and the City of Ottawa to ask them to help with our investigation. This sense of cooperation continued when they reached out for assistance from the RCMP, OPP, the Ministry of Transportation, the Transportation Safety Board, as well as the bus manufacture Alexander Dennis in the UK. This was done to ensure that all relevant expertise was employed to conduct a full forensic investigation of the bus and the collision scene.

In the weeks and months that followed, the 11-member Collision Investigation Unit dug in to complete the investigation process. More than 80 passengers and witnesses had to be interviewed, so an embedded Major Case Management (MCM) officer, the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), and four civilians were brought on board to assist. They contacted witnesses, returned property, and helped to move the investigation forward, while coordinating with the Crown to ensure that all documentation was properly completed and vetted for court proceedings.

The events of this day would become the largest fatal collision investigation in Ottawa Police Service history which continued until criminal charges were laid on August 11.