Outreach and Recruiting

The Outreach and Recruiting team continued leveraging innovative approaches to sworn recruitment in 2019.  With a clear mandate to incorporate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) into its hiring process, the team developed a series of online engagement tools including a virtual ride along, ongoing interactive social media responses to applicant questions, and highly popular ‘jobposal’ unveils where a candidate is videotaped receiving their offer to join the Ottawa Police Service. The ‘jobposals’ gave a personalized glimpse into the recruiting process, while introducing the new member to the public. Bolstered by its already recognized “Make Ottawa Your Best Decision” campaign, it featured a yearlong recruitment initiative that included a women’s only session, plus Instagram live feeds for those unable to attend recruitment sessions at Ben Franklin Place. Members of the team continued the mentorship program that pairs potential recruits, particularly those from traditionally marginalized neighbourhoods, with veteran officers to help guide them through the application process. As a result, 2019’s graduating class had the highest number of women and racialized members hired in a given year.