Strategic Direction

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) unveiled its Strategic Direction for 2019-2020, aligning with goals established by the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB).

It would focus on four key areas:

  • Support to members: including optimizing frontline staffing measures, equitable training and development tools, bolstering relationships with the Ottawa Police Association and the Senior Officers Association, as well as continuing to promote and develop an internal Wellness strategy.
  • Modernize the work environment: including exploring opportunities to improve service delivery, while leveraging technologies.
  • Advancing community policing: including establishing neighbourhood based problem solving teams, enhancing community relationships and addressing street violence, violence against women and road safety, in alignment with the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.
  • Making meaningful progress on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: including building a governance model, employee resource groups, and evaluating the effectiveness of external committees.

Development of these strategic goals would become the platform for new initiatives introduced in early 2020, all designed at enhancing the safety of Ottawa’s residents while improving systems for better service delivery.