The increased investment in 2019 to our Health, Safety and Wellness team by the OPS demonstrates the commitment of the organization and the Police Services Board to the health of all our members. We are focused on creating a positive and safe space for members to reach out when they, or someone they care about, need support. Our commitment to the health and wellness of our members reaches beyond our members to their families and retirees.

Peer Support

Peer Supporters were heavily engaged with active (sworn and civilian) members, retirees, veterans and their family members throughout 2019 offering support and resources for whatever the individuals were facing in their personal and/or professional lives. Peer Support played a critical role in proactively reaching out to people following difficult calls or traumatic situations.

Early Intervention

In 2019, Wellness completed a successful six-month pilot of an Early Intervention Program where statistics related to critical incident exposure, overtime and complaints were tracked and analyzed. The Early Intervention Program works to identify members who may be experiencing difficulties and gives the OPS the opportunity to offer timely and appropriate assistance based on the member’s specific situation.

We look forward to continuing our work to improve the quality of members’ lives and to enhance their ability to do their job well.