Application and Selection Process for Special Constables

The Ottawa Police Special Constable Selection Process is a five-stage process.  Applicants must successfully complete each stage to go on to the next stage.  Please note that the Special Constable Selection Process is competitive and the successful completion of these stages does not guarantee an offer of employment.

Stage One - Testing/Certification Requirements

All applicants for the position of Special Constable with the Ottawa Police Service must provide proof of the following criteria for consideration in the selection process.

  • Possess a valid C.P.R. and Emergency First Aid Certificate Level C
  • Possess a valid driver's license class G
  • Current valid PREP results or proof of registration for upcoming test with

Documents must be received by the competition closing date, or the Ottawa Police Service may deem the application incomplete and not eligible for consideration.

If you still have questions, after reviewing the information online, please contact .

Stage Two - Application Phase

Visit our Civilian Job Opportunities.  The Human Resources Section accepts applications for civilian employment opportunities on an ongoing basis.  Applications are retained on file for one year should employment opportunities become available.  Resubmit your application within one year's time or update Your Profile if you are still interested in civilian opportunities with the Ottawa Police Service.

Stage Three - Interview Phase

Competency-based interviews are conducted, as per ongoing staffing requirements.


These are knowledge, skills and abilities assessed during the entire selection process, which must be demonstrated to be considered for the position of a Special Constable with the Ottawa Police Service. They are:

  1. Communication - effectively receives and conveys ideas and information, both verbally and in writing.
  2. Teamwork - understands what teamwork means. Achieves common goals by working cooperatively with others and contributing to or developing a positive work climate.
  3. Adaptability - recognizing the need for change, adapting to required change for example by making changes to existing work processes and procedures. Working comfortable with diverse individuals and groups in a variety of situations.
  4. Service Orientation - the commitment to helping and serving others.
  5. Networking and Relationship Building - builds and maintains effective and constructive working relationships, partnerships or networks of internal and external contacts.
  6. Problem Solving - identifies problems, creates and implements new or viable solutions to problems, situations or work processes.
  7. Leadership - positively influencing people and events through actions, interventions and relationships

Stage Four - Background Investigation Phase

An extensive and comprehensive background investigation will be conducted, as well as a psychological test and interview with a psychologist.


Applicants that are successful through the interview process may proceed to the background investigation stage.  The background investigation may include, but is not limited to, reference checks, verification of educational documents, verification of employment history, credit checks and driving assessment

Information is collected throughout the selection process to determine whether an applicant possesses the competencies of a Special Constable for the Ottawa Police Service.

Stage Five - Final Selection Review Phase

All of the information collected from the various stages of the selection process is reviewed and compared to the selection criteria.  An offer of employment may be made to qualified applicants.  Successful candidates will be required to undergo a probationary period, and complete all mandated training.

  • The successful completion of any phase of this process does not guarantee proceeding to the next phase.
  • OPS is an equal opportunity employer, and readily acknowledges that a diverse population is best served by a similar diversity of police and civilian membership.