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 At the moment we are not accepting experienced officer applications. Thank you for your interest!

If you are a current serving police officer, or have been a police officer in the past, and would like to continue your passion for serving your community, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) could be the organization for you. We are currently accepting applications from experienced police officers who have graduated from the Ontario Police College (or another recognized police training facility), completed their probationary period, and able to leave in good standing.

If you have what we are looking for, we welcome the opportunity for you to demonstrate your strengths. Our recruiting team will work with your schedule in coordinating a process that is fair and efficient. You will be required to participate in a developmental competencies interview, psychological written assessments, psychological interview and complete a full background investigation. A final review of all successful candidates will determine the most competitive to join our team!

Policing is about working with people to ensure public safety through crime prevention and law enforcement. It's also about building relationships in the community and making a difference in the lives of people. Working as an Ottawa police officer demands both physical and mental skills. It's much more than a job - it's a rewarding career and lifestyle choice.

At OPS, we are continually looking to improve our capability to deliver service that is effective and responsive to the needs of our community. As such, the OPS is looking for men and women from all backgrounds and walks of life, including people of various races, cultures and religions or sexual orientations. 

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Experienced Officer Applicant Process

Applicants with previous police experience, who are in good standing with their current service, and who have completed a probationary period or equivalent as set out in the Police Services Act  Section 44 (1) and (4), may apply to the OPS.

Please note for foreign applicants:  One of the minimum requirements to become a police constable is being eligible to work in Canada. You must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen before applying to the OPS. If you are not a Canadian citizen and wish to apply with the OPS, see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site on how to obtain permanent residency. 

Your application must include:

  1.  A cover letter and detailed résumé;
  2.  A valid Fitness Test for the current year;
  3.  Emergency First Aid and Level C CPR certification; and,
  4.  A copy of your Basic Constable Training Diploma from the Ontario Police College.
    • If you are a police officer serving outside the Province of Ontario, a diploma from a recognized Police Academy is required (BC Justice Institute, Edmonton Police Service, Calgary Police Service, Saskatchewan Police College, Winnipeg Police Service, Ecole Nationale de Police du Quebec, Atlantic Police Academy or RCMP).

The process for applicants with previous police experience includes the successful completion of each of the following phases:

  1. Pre-Background Questionnaire
  2. Local Focus interview
  3. Psychological test and interview with a psychologist
  4. Background investigation
  5. Job offer, conditional on a successful medical clearance

Please note:

  • You must complete your application, along with providing ALL supporting documents in one session. Failure to do so will result in the candidate being screened out of the process. You will have to wait one year to re-apply.
  • The successful completion of any phase of the selection process does not guarantee proceeding to the next phase.
  • The OPS is an equal opportunity employer, and readily acknowledges that a diverse population is best served by a similar diversity of police and civilian membership.

Foreign Applicants

One of the minimum requirements to become a police constable is being eligible to work in Canada. You must be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen before applying to the OPS. If you are not a Canadian citizen and wish to apply with the OPS, see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site on how to obtain permanent residency.

Applicants from outside of Canada will be required to attend the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario for Basic Constable Training.

Here are some frequently asked questions; however any member of our Recruiting Team would be happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is my pension transferrable?

For all questions pertaining to your pension, please refer to the OMERS website. As an OMERS member, you may be able to transfer pension credits in to the OMERS plan from another Canadian registered pension plan. If you have been a member of another registered pension plan in the past, contact OMERS Client Services directly. You may be able to transfer some or all of this service into OMERS. 

How many weeks of Annual Leave will I receive?

You will receive two (2) weeks of Annual Leave.

Will my previous years of experience count towards the Responsibility Allowance (3, 6, 9)?

No. In accordance with the Kaplan arbitration award, only the years you accrue with the Ottawa Police Service will be attributed to your Responsibility Allowance. 

What benefits am I entitled to as a member of the Ottawa Police?

Your group benefits provide an important supplement to your income and valuable protection to you and your family. The underwriter and administrators of these benefits are as follows:

  • Life, critical illness and long term disability insurance is underwritten by the Great-West Life Assurance Company.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage is underwritten by AXA Assurances Inc.
  • Group health and dental coverage is sponsored and administered on a self insured basis by the Ottawa Police Association, the plan administrator.
  • Adjudication and processing of all group health and dental claims is handled by Coughlin & Associates Ltd., the claims administrator.
  • Out-of-country medical and emergency travel assistance coverage is underwritten by Lloyd's of London through the Norfolk Group, its Canadian broker.
Please call the Ottawa Police Association, 613-232-9434, for further details. 

How many years of service do I have to complete with the Ottawa Police Service before I am entitled to medical benefits upon retirement?

You must complete 20 years with the Ottawa Police Service in order to receive this benefit.

When am I eligible to compete in the promotional process?

You must have seven (7) years total service and at least two (2) years with OPS as a sworn officer.

Am I entitled to any Sick Leave Benefits?

Yes, the Income Protection Plan provides for the continuation of salary in whole and/or in part, for a period of up to six-hundred and eighty (680) hours if an employee is absent due to non-occupational illness or accident.  The Income Protection benefits provided will be based on the individual's length of service.

Are my moving expenses covered by the Ottawa Police Service?

No, please refer to the CRA website for further details.

Who covers my expenses if I have to return for court?

Your previous police service will cover your costs associated to returning for court, with the exception of the per diem, which will be covered by the Ottawa Police Service.

I am an officer with international or military experience. Do I qualify as an experienced officer?

No. Although your knowledge, skills and abilities are desirable to our Service, you must apply as a recruit and will have to attend the Ontario Police College.