Internal Sworn Opportunities

The Sworn Staffing and Career Management Section (SS&CM) provides services to enhance professional and personal growth essential to excellence in policing.

Our team is responsible for several aspects of sworn officer development relating to the OPS Sworn Transfer Program, the Fixed Shift process and other elements of sworn officer career management.  These initiatives include position management, mandatory rotation, and succession planning for Platoon Fixed Shifts, as well as Fixed-Term, Anchor, and Developmental Rotation positions.

To maintain our tradition of excellence, we strive to ensure our organization is representative of the diversity of our community – the Ottawa Police Service is an equal opportunity employer that aims to reflect the diversity and linguistic composition of the community we serve.

By leading these successful programs, our team supports the organization in following our mission and values and provides a high quality of service to the community, while continuing to supporting our member’s growth and career progression.

Please review the current opportunities for internal sworn officers. Applications for these positions will be accepted from internal OPS sworn members only. Please note the closing date for application. 

No current postings

No current postings

 No current postings

If you are an eligible OPS sworn member and you are interested in any of the postings, please contact your current supervisor for more information.


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