Sworn Selection Process

Becoming a Police Constable

Please note that the Constable selection process is very competitive and the successful completion of these stages does not guarantee an offer of employment.

The applicant should also review and fill out the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PDF*) for his/her own information.

1. Meet and greet (not mandatory; upon request by applicant)

2. Complete online application

We are currently updating our online application system and will not be able to accept New Recruit applications through our normal process. In the interim, please use this Survey Monkey form to apply.

3. Pre-background questionnaire

Candidates are required to answer some brief questions related primarily to character and habits, in such areas as work and school experiences, alcohol, drugs, criminal activity, credit record, as well as the ability and willingness to work under the conditions related to policing.

These questions should be answered as accurately as possible, and truthfully, since deliberate misinformation could lead to the candidate being disqualified from the selection process.

4. Blended interview

Our Blended Interview is comprised of local focus questions, value-based questions, as well as essential competency-based questions. Candidates are presented with 10 questions and have 90 minutes to complete the interview. Candidates are also given an additional 30 minutes to complete an essay-style question. The Essential Competency interview is conducted, as per ongoing staffing requirements.

5. Fitness assessment (PREPSuccessful applicants will have one PREP certification reimbursed upon hire.
6. Psychological assessment

7. Employment screening (background investigation)

Applicants that are successful through the interview process may proceed to the background investigation stage. The background investigation may include, but is not limited to, reference checks, verification of educational documents, verification of employment history and credit checks. Part of the background is further supplemented with a psychological assessment, which includes an interview with a psychologist.

Information is collected throughout the selection process to determine whether an applicant possesses the competencies of a police constable for the Ottawa Police Service.

8. Selection and Letter of Offer

All of the information collected from the previous stages of the selection process is reviewed and compared to the selection criteria.  A conditional offer of employment may be made to qualified applicants. This offer will be conditional on a medical examination. Successful candidates will be required to undergo a probationary period, and complete all mandated training.

  • The successful completion of any phase of this process does not guarantee proceeding to the next phase.
  • Upon being selected and signing a job offer the applicant must be willing to attend training at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario for a period of 13 weeks. The applicant will also be personally responsible for paying a sum of $14,550 towards the training costs levied by the Ontario Police College.
  • The OPS is an equal opportunity employer, and readily acknowledges that a diverse population is best served by a similar diversity of police and civilian membership.

9. Medical assessment (hearing and vision)

Vision: Uncorrected Visual Acuity should be at least 6/12 (20/40) binocularly (both eyes open). Corrected Visual Acuity should at least be 6/6 (20/20) binocularly. There are additional minimum requirements regarding refractive surgery, farsightedness (hyperopia), colour vision, depth perception and peripheral vision.


Hearing Standards: Normal hearing at frequencies of 500 to 4000 Hz measured by audiometer. 


All applicants must:

  • meet the minimum hiring standards*
  • adhere to the minimum standard of hearing and vision requirements
  • complete Standard First Aid and CPR-C prior to hire

*Minimum Hiring Standards

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Full G Ontario Driver's Licence or provincial equivalent

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