Community Police Centres

Our Community Police Centres are CLOSED until further notice.

Our Community Police Centres are not staffed on a full-time basis.
Please call in advance to ensure that someone is available to assist you.

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Community Police Officers

West Central East
Sgt. Mahamud Elmi Sgt. Andrew Pidcock Sgt. Walter Duhme
Cst. Jeff Kostuch Cst. Darren Joseph

Cst. Brad Burleau

Cst. Sherry Jordan
Cst. Stephanie Lemieux Cst. Marcus Cibischino
Cst. Jason Brown Cst. Sebastien Lemay Cst. Marc Leroux
  Cst. Vianney Calixte  

According to the Ontario Mobilization and Engagement Model of Community Policing:

Community Policing is the process by which police and other community members partner to improve community wellbeing, safety and security through joint problem identification, analysis, response and evaluation.

Community Police Officers strive to be:

  • a primary focal point for problem solving in their assigned neighbourhoods;
  • a primary location of the community crime prevention initiatives and partnerships; and,
  • a hub for information dissemination and referrals.

The Community Police Officer's mission is:

  • To provide an opportunity for the public to learn about the role of the OPS in their local communities.
  • To provide an important and direct link between the community and the OPS, creating an opportunity for ongoing communications between community members and police.
  • To provide opportunities for police officers to increase their involvement with the communities they serve.
  • To create mechanisms through which the OPS can consult with communities in an effort to create or adapt its services to meet the needs of the communities it serves.

Volunteers are an integral part of the services provided by Community Police Centres (CPC). Find out how you can volunteer at a CPC!

Ottawa Police Community Police Centres

Central Community Police Centres

CPC Name/Address

CPC extension

Dial 613-236-1222


1064 Wellington St.

ext. 5870

Lowertown/Rockcliffe Park

360 Springfield Rd.

 ext. 5916


252 McArthur Rd.

 ext. 5823

West Community Police Centres

CPC Name/Address

CPC extension

Dial 613-236-1222


100 Malvern Dr.

ext. 2342


98 Woodridge Cres.

ext. 2345


245 Greenbank Rd.

 ext. 2242


211 Huntmar Dr.

 ext. 2001


5669 Manotick Main Street

ext. 2314

West Carleton

5670 Carp Rd.

ext. 2982

East Community Police Centres 

CPC Name/Address

CPC extension

Dial 613-236-1222


3343 St. Joseph Blvd.

ext. 3575


1700 Blair Rd.

ext. 5047

Rural South Ottawa

7010 Parkway Road

ext. 3787

Ottawa South

3343 St. Joseph Blvd.

ext. 5812



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