Types of Records Checks

Residents of Ottawa can request three (3) types of Police Record Checks.

Before you apply, ask your organization which Police Records Check you need to apply for...

You are required to show proof of your current Ottawa address.

If you currently live outside of Ottawa, you CANNOT request a records check from the Ottawa Police Service. You will need to attend your local police service.

Are you unsure about which Record Check you qualify for?

Please refer to the below chart for our most common employment/volunteer positions!


Level 1 - Criminal Records Check

Level 2 - Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check

Level 3 - Vulnerable Sector Check

(applicant must be over 18)

Camp Counselor



Daycare Worker/
Resident at Daycare Location






Foster Parents/Resident in Foster or Kinship Home



Host Family/Boarding Parent



In-school custodian





Minor Sporting Coach/Trainer



Personal Support Worker



Retirement Home Worker



School Bus Driver



School Crossing Guard



School Teacher/Teaching Assistant/Tutor



Scout Leader



Social Worker



Taxi/UBER Driver



Youth Worker



Students (School Placements)


Name Change



Retail Store Clerk



Security Guard





Office Manager/ Worker/Administration




Working Visa


Permanent Resident