Destruction of Fingerprints and Photographs

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will accept requests for the destruction of photographs and fingerprints from OPS Records Management System under the following criteria:

  • You have no criminal convictions; and
  • You are at least 18 years of age; and
  • You do not currently have any outstanding charges before the Courts; and
  • You are not wanted by any police service.

Related charges must have originated from an OPS case to have this destruction request processed. If the charges originated from another police service, please contact the originating police service regarding the destruction of fingerprints or photographs.


Timelines upon which you can make the request for your fingerprints and photographs to be destroyed:

  • Charges are withdrawn or dismissed: Applications are accepted four months after the disposition date.
  • Acquittal: Applications are accepted four months after the disposition date. If acquitted by reason of not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder, these applications will be accepted 5 years after the disposition date.
  • Stayed Charges: Applications are accepted one full year from the date the stay was imposed.
  • Peace Bond (withdrawn): Applications are accepted once the peace bond has expired (typically one year).
  • Diversion (withdrawn): Applications are accepted two years from the date of expiry of the diversion.
  • Absolute Discharge: Applications are accepted one year from the date of disposition.
  • Conditional Discharge: Applications are accepted three years from the date of the disposition.

Additionally, if the applicant has criminal conviction(s) they can apply for a record suspension through the National Parole Board.

If you have further questions, you can email:

Apply for fingerprint and photograph destruction