Crime Mapping Tool

About the Crime Map

Launch the Ottawa Crime Mapping Tool

The Ottawa Crime Map will display the last 14 days of data including Homicide, Break and Enter, Vehicle Break and Enter, Robbery, Theft, Vehicle Theft, and Assaults, however, you can change the date selection by clicking on the Calendar button located above the map. You can also select more crime categories by clicking on the Crime Types button above the map.

Information on Sex Offenders is not displayed. The Supreme Court has approved the release of some information from the Ontario Sex Offender Registry (OSOR); specifically, the total number of registered sex offenders residing in a geographic area, identified by the first three digits of a postal code. Anyone wishing to access the geographic distribution numbers will have to file an FOI request with the OSOR (1-705-529-7474).

Would you like email alerts of what is happening in your neighborhood?

You can select which crime types you would like to be alerted about, how often you would like to be alerted and the radius from the location you are interested in. Simply click on the 'Get Crime Alerts' link above the map and fill out the form. 

You can unsubscribe from these alerts at any time, and at no point is your personal information sold or used for SPAM.

Please note that prior alerts have been reset. You will need to zoom into the area you want to monitor until you see dots appear with incidents. Then you can click on the "Sign up for Updates" to get notification.

Concerned about Crime in your area?

We have plenty of crime prevention and safety tips to help keep you and your family safe. You can also join your local Neighbourhood Watch, contact your local Community Police Centre to get involved or find out more about crime prevention.