2015 Public Survey on Policing Services

High Satisfaction with Police Services: 2015 Survey

The results of the 2015 Public Survey show the vast majority of Ottawa residents have a high level of satisfaction with the services provided by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

"Our members care about this community and serve our citizens with professionalism and hard work every day," stated Chief Charles Bordeleau. "This survey shows that Ottawa residents appreciate these efforts."

Highlights of the Public Survey on Policing Services results include:

  • Residents are nearly unanimous about feeling safe in their home (95%) and neighbourhood (90%) during the day and similar to those observed in 2012. However, feeling safe in other places seems to have decreased over the last three years. The highest drop observed is in downtown Ottawa (a 21 point decrease from 2012).
  • Nearly three in four (73%) consider that the performance of the OPS is good in ensuring the safety and security of Ottawa citizens. This is an improvement since 2012 (67%) - an increase of six points and the highest ever recorded for all four OPS surveys conducted.
  • More than eight respondents out of ten (82%) are saying they are satisfied with the OPS.  The level of dissatisfaction is extremely low (3%).  An analysis of the historical trend shows that little has changed in this respect over the past decade.

Across Ottawa, in descending order, the top five concerns in 2015 are:

  1. Distracted driving (86%)
  2. Speeding cars / Aggressive driving (80%)
  3. Street Gangs (79%)
  4. Presence of Drugs/Dealers (76%)
  5. Youth Crime (74%)

The top five neighbourhood concerns in 2015 are:

  1. Distracted driving (69%)
  2. Speeding cars / Aggressive driving (65%)
  3. Breaking and Entering (56%)
  4. Theft from Vehicles (55%)
  5. Vandalism (49%)

The Survey was conducted during March and May 2015 with a random sampling of 16,000 Ottawa residents who were invited to complete the survey online--with 4,328 completing the survey.

The information collected in this important survey will help identify public concerns and guide decision-making and priorities for the upcoming 2016-2018 Business Plan.

View the full report and a presentation depicting the results.

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