Automated Purchase Program

We have made significant improvements to our collision reporting process, making it faster, safer and more effective, culminating with the opening of three Collision Reporting Centres (CRC's) in 2014.

As part of the Collision Reporting improvement initiative, the OPS introduced a new end-to-end electronic reporting solution in January 2013 and increased the price of individually requested Collision Reports from $49 to $167 to reflect the actual cost to our Service to produce the report. Coinciding with this fee increase, we introduced an Automated Purchase Program (APP) to allow insurance companies to receive reports electronically at a discounted rate.

Effective April 2017, the price of an individually purchased collision report is $207, including HST.

Insurers who are part of the APP will pay the discounted rate of $68.60, including HST, which is approximately one third of the price of a single report.

To participate in the Automated Purchase Program (APP) and take advantage of these preferred rates individual insurance companies will simply sign a contract directly with the Ottawa Police Service.

More information about the Collision Reporting Initiative is contained in the report submitted to the  Ottawa Police Services Board on September 24, 2012.

Enhanced Automated Purchase Program (APP) for Insurance Companies

Cost Efficient · Client focused · Streamlined Process

In collaboration with our partners in the local insurance industry and the public, the Ottawa Police Service has developed an APP program for Collision Reports offering:

  • Improved Customer Service to Motorists and Insurance Companies
  • Quality Collision Report Packages 
  • Competitive Pricing

What's new? - November 2015

Introducing enhancements to the APP program - a way for insurers to save time and money obtaining collision reports using the Ottawa Police "Automated Purchase Program (APP)"

The Enhanced APP allows insurers to use authorized third party document sourcing partners to administer the program.

The key improvement to the existing program, outlined below, is the ability for insurers to maintain the use of a third party document sourcing partner ("document delivery service") to administer the program.

Through feedback provided to the Ottawa Police by insurers, many have pre-existing internal processes for the acquisition of reports from police services. Many companies make report requests via an authorized document sourcing partner to obtain the single report on their behalf.

The Ottawa Police has made revisions to the pre-authorization statement signed by insured's to enable the report to be released to "the insurer including via their third party authorized document delivery service". This means that APP clients are able to use existing authorized third parties to receive and disseminate reports under the APP Program.

How do I sign up for the Enhanced APP Program ?

Simply request the APP contract from the Ottawa Police by:

  • Emailing the APP administrator at
  • Calling the CRC Program Owner,  Inspector Sandra McLaren at (613)720-9518

The contract stipulates that the insurer agrees to purchase all pre-authorized reports.

Once the contract is signed by the insurer, adding the authorized third party is easy. Simply provide the company information and the names of employees of the third party authorized document sourcing partner who will be administering the program and the Ottawa Police will provide access permissions.

The third party can then administer all pre-authorized reports that are received, and make application for those reports that were not pre-authorized but that are required. All for the same low price of $68.60 per report versus $207.

Overview of APP program:

The APP program is operated by the Ottawa Police and is a cost efficient way to supply collision reports directly to insurers, including via third party authorized administrative agents,  using a web-based transfer application.

APP Program Key Benefits to Insurers:

  • Saves time and money as reports are sent directly from the police service to the insurer via a free secure web-based application (MoveIt DMZ)
  • Reports are electronically supplied in pdf. format (including photographs of damage if reported to CRC's) so they can be easily shared between internal units
  • The cost is approximately one third the price of a single report request ($68.60 versus $207 in 2017)
  • No additional fees for system access or administration
  • Reduces manual activity currently required to obtain reports
  • Allows detailed tracking of purchases eliminating duplicate purchases of the same report Connects insurers with  a single point of contact APP administrator at the Ottawa Police Service for all requests related to collision reporting
  • Enables insurers to use existing internal administrative processes with authorized agents

APP program features:

  • Every collision report will be investigated by a police officer
  • All collision reports, in which the participating insurance company is identified as the insurer and the insured has authorized the release, will automatically be provided
  • The report will be provided within ten (10) days of the date the collision was reported to police.  
  • A secure web-based distribution system with no system access fees will be used to transfer reports and receive uploaded electronic consent from insurance companies
  • A dedicated Ottawa Police liaison will be available for any enquiries
  • Monthly invoices listing all reports received that month will be provided.
  • The cost of each report in 2017 is $68.60, including HST. Non-participants pay $207, including HST.

Collision Report Package

The report package itself will be in a PDF format and will include;

  • The Ministry of Transportation Motor Vehicle Collision Report (Form 401),
  • A statement from the insured or driver
  • Four images capturing 360 degrees of the vehicle, including damage (not available for road reports)
  • How do I change my user name, password or address?

You cannot change your user name.  To change your password or e-mail notification address, click on 'My Account', located at the top right side of the homepage.

  • What are the naming rules for report names?

You must use the following format to name your report file: 

surname of insured _Policy # number_ OPS _13- Incident no.  The system will automatically name your collision report.

  • What do I do if I have a billing question?

If you have a billing question, please contact the APP administrator via e-mail at

  • How do I upload the consent form?

To upload the consent form:

Ensure that you are in the Insurance Report Folder for your company's uploads - "InsuranceReports/(your company name)/Uploads".  

Use the 'Upload Files Now' button located at the bottom of the page. 

Select the file you wish to upload from the 'Browse' button . 

Press "Upload". 

You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen.

  • How do I download a report?

To save the report to your computer, right click on 'Download' and select 'Save Target As' to save to your computer.

  • My insurer says the consent form was signed but I cannot locate the report. What should I do?

If you cannot locate the report, send an email inquiry including the date, time and location of the collision along with the name of your client to:   Your inquiry will be reviewed and a response sent to you.

  • How do I find a report?

To find a report, click on the 'InsuranceReports' button, where you will find a list of the insurance companies you can access.  Select the company you wish to view.  You will be able to see all of the reports for this company, both viewed and unviewed. 

There are two ways to view/download the report to your system.  We recommend that you copy the report to your computer.

1.  Click on the file you want to view.  This shows you the file information and log file for the activity of the report.  Under 'File Actions', click on 'Download' to open and view the report.  To save the report to your computer, right click on 'Download', select 'Save Target As', save on your computer.

2.  From the folders and files you can also click on 'download' on the far right and it will go directly to the report without viewing the activity log.

  • I received my insured's collision report but it indicates that it is vetted. What does this mean?

When there is an indication that the report has been vetted, it means that only information pertaining to the consenting individual/individuals is included.  Personal information of other involved parties has been removed from the report.

  • I received my insured's 401 Report but the R7C and Photos were not attached. Why?

If charges are pending for any person involved in the collision, Section 52 of the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act will be applied.  Statements and vehicle photos will not be released.  You will only receive a copy of the 401 Report.If there are no charges related to your insured's report, please email the FOI section (Freedom of Information) for assistance: Please provide your insured's name and report number in the email.