Community and Police Action Committee


COMPAC (Community Police Action Committee) Restructuring Process

We are in the process of restructuring COMPAC to better-serve the needs of the many diverse communities in Ottawa. You can read the full report here: (READ REPORT).

What is COMPAC?


The Community and Police Action Committee (COMPAC) is a city-wide community-police advisory and coordinating body representing a partnership between police and racialized and indigenous communities in Ottawa. Its objective is to nurture and develop th

is community partnership by means of communication, respect, accountability and trust.

COMPAC group photo 2014

The committee provides the police service and Indigenous and racialized community members an opportunity to interact on a level playing field and define common challenges and solutions. Through community representatives, communities have a voice within the police service. Police also gain insight into challenges and concerns from diverse parts of the community. 

COMPAC meetings are held regularly and are open to anyone.

Meet our COMPAC Members!