Examples of successful CEW deployments

Example 1

In January 2017, Tactical officers were requested to assist in extracting a subject from cells to attend a court hearing. The male subject had been acting very violently for more than four hours: He had cut himself, smearing blood within the cell, removed all his clothing, and urinated on the floor. When the cell door was opened, the subject advanced towards the tactical officer, punching and striking at the plexi glass shield the officer held for protection. The subject continued to be violent and assaultive. Due to the confined space and the subject's behaviour, the CEW was deployed and the subject was successfully subdued without injury to himself or the officers present.

Example 2

In April 2017, an officer became involved in a pursuit after shots were fired in a downtown neighbourhood. Responding to the scene and interviewing witnesses, the officer determined who the shooter was and immediately gave chase by car and then on foot to apprehend him. The officer deployed his CEW to stop the suspect but he still managed to take off running again. The officer did not give up. He pursued, and with the help of other officers, finally apprehended the suspect. Upon returning to the area where the CEW was used, officers discovered a discarded revolver with five spent casings.

Example 3

In May 2017, West-end officers responded to a call for service, where a male subject was chasing some youths with a knife. The subject was unknown to the youths. The officers located the male subject on a second-floor balcony and attempted to speak with him. The subject was extremely belligerent, cursing and swearing at police. The officers asked the subject to come down to speak with them calmly instead of causing a disturbance. Eventually, the subject came out to see the officers, at which point he stepped toward police in an aggressive manner, with his teeth clenched and a closed fist raised, as though he wanted to fight. One of the officers grabbed the subject's wrist and advised he was under arrest for assault and uttering threats. The subject attempted to pull away and tensed up. The officers advised him several times to put his hands behind his back, but the subject continued to be belligerent and threaten to fight police. A second male at the premises began to grab the subject and pull him away from police. But due to the subject's behavior and the fact that the wherabouts of the knife were unknown, the CEW was deployed. The male subject was successfully subdued, and police were able handcuff him without further incident. No injuries were sustained.

Example 4

In May 2017, East-end officers responded to a call for service for a male with mental illness who was out of control. The subject male was a resident of the Family Tree Group Home. He was assaulting staff and damaging property, armed with a spiked garden hoe and a large stick. When the officers arrived, the subject was standing in the driveway holding the aforementioned items. The officers attempted to speak with the subject as they approached the residence. The subject responded by striking a nearby vehicle with the hoe and then throwing the large tree branch at the officers. He then adopted a baseball stance with the hoe. At this time, the CEW was deployed. The subject was secured, and no injuries were sustained.

Example 5

In May 2017, officers responded to a woman threatening self-harm. When officers arrived on the scene, the woman was in a confined space and had razor blades in her hands, indicating she wished to end her life. A CEW was deployed and the woman was safely rescued and brought to hospital.

Example 6

In June 2017, South-end officers responded to reports of a suspicious male, possibly intoxicated or on drugs, who was sitting in the driver's seat of his vehicle. Information received from the subject male indicated that he had knives in his vehicle for the purpose of self-defence. The officers attempted to speak with the subject, asking him to exit the vehicle, but he would not comply. The subject said he didn't trust all the officers at the scene. The officers could hear him talking to police dispatch on his phone and his conversation made it clear he was suffering from mental health issues. At this time, officers received grounds to apprehend him.  The subject was advised again that he needed to exit his vehicle or police would have to break his window to remove him. At this point, the subject put down his phone and grabbed a knife, holding it over his shoulder while facing the officers and moving it in a hacking motion. The officers demanded he drop the knife and exit the vehicle, but the subject did not comply. He then put his vehicle in drive. The car moved forward, hitting the unmarked cruiser parked in front of the subject's car. The subject then reversed his car, hitting the cruiser parked behind him. At this time the officers smashed the driver's-side window of the car and deployed the CEW successfully. No injuries were sustained.

Example 7

In December 2017, officers responded to a call from a man who told 911 he had a gun and was going to shoot someone. When they arrived, officers were confronted by the man who insisted they put two bullets in his chest. The man reached under his coat and one of the officers used a CEW to subdue him. The man was taken to hospital for a mental health assessment. The use of the CEW prevented what could have otherwise been a very tragic ending for all involved.