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New Community Safety and Wellness Model launched in Ottawa

A new multiagency pilot has been launched in the southeast of Ottawa to assist individuals and families who are most vulnerable for harm, victimization, and/or criminality, receive the safety, social, and health-related supports they need. 

The goal is to coordinate effective intervention that addresses the root causes of the risk, and reduces the likelihood of the level of risk escalating.

The initiative, called MERIT (Multiagency Early Risk Intervention Tables), is a collaborative partnership involving over 20 local, regional, and provincial agencies as well as community based organizations.

The OPS is dedicated to supporting this new way of working through our equal representation with community partners from health, social, and safety services.  MERIT represents the continued investment of the OPS and partners toward helping the vulnerable sector and remaining preventative toward harm toward people and families in vulnerable communities.

One of the precursors to the development of the MERIT model was the establishment of the Ontario Working Group on Collaborative, Risk-Driven Community Safety. A number of their recommendations pointed to the need for a blended response to issues stemming from multiple causes. 

Approximately 25 municipalities across the province have since begun to move towards this model, after seeing positive results in other cities.

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