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On June 16, 2015, the Ontario government announced it would begin public consultations this summer as part of an effort to standardize Street Checks across the province. The aim is to establish rules around Street Checks to ensure these encounters are consistent, without bias, and carried out in a manner that promotes public confidence in order to maintain the use of a valuable tool for police. Ontario is seeking input on topics including:

  • The circumstances when police may ask an individual for information;
  • The rights of those being asked for their information;
  • How to enhance accountability mechanisms and training requirements; and
  • Data collection and retention.

Following these consultations, the Ontario government plans to introduce regulations to standardize how Street Checks are conducted and used province-wide. These would provide Ontario's police officers with clear and consistent guidelines to help them deliver fair and effective policing to keep Ontario communities safe, while strengthening public accountability and safeguarding citizens' rights.

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) welcomes the Ontario government's decision to provide Street Check guidelines.

Currently, the practices followed by police services related to Street Checks vary by jurisdiction. The OPS recognizes that clear guidelines, policy and training are necessary to ensure Street Checks are used as effectively and appropriately as possible.

The OPS was already engaged in an operational review of how Street Checks are performed prior to the provincial announcement. The OPS review, requested by the Board in January 2013, has included research and initial consultations with members of the public, academics, community organizations, members of the police service and other stakeholders to identify key issues.

The dialogue on this issue has been important and positive and the OPS plans to conduct further engagement over the summer in order to make a submission to the province.

The OPS will work to ensure its policy on Street Checks aligns with any new Ontario regulations. 

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