Community Equity Council

Recruitment poster for the CECThe Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has relaunched its community-based consultative group. The new group is called the Ottawa Police Community Equity Council (CEC) and its role is to provide advice and insight to the police on ways to improve and strengthen the relationships between the OPS and the many Indigenous, faith based and racialized communities or organizations in Ottawa.   

Building stronger partnerships between the many diverse communities that make up the city of Ottawa is the responsibility of all who live here. By creating a network of invested residents and officers at the OPS, we can enhance the safety of all neighbourhoods, city-wide.

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If you are interested in contributing, we are always looking for engaged residents to assist us with various working groups we host during the year.

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The Council will collaborate with the Ottawa Police Service to work more effectively with Indigenous, racialized and faith-based communities in Ottawa.


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