Frequently Asked Questions about the Ottawa Police Service and COVID 19

1.  There’s so much information out there, who do I trust for reliable and current information?

For the latest information, please refer to Ottawa Public Health’s website. You can also follow them on social media online at: Twitter or on Facebook at

2. What are the restrictions under the current order?

Please review the provincial guidelines

3. Can I walk around the block in my neighbourhood?

Yes. You can take a walk with members of your immediate family (and in the cases of individuals living alone, of one additional household within Ontario).

For the most current information, please visit the City’s Recreation and Parks website.

4.  Where can I read the details of the new provincial orders?

Please visit the following websites:

5. Who is allowed to cross the border into Ontario?

The circumstances under which a person can travel into Ontario from Quebec, per the Ontario government directives, include:

  • the person’s principal residence is in Ontario
  • the person is travelling to perform work in Ontario
  • the person is transporting goods into or through Ontario as part of the operation of a business that involves the transportation of goods
  • the person is travelling into Ontario for the purpose of exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right
  • the person’s health makes it necessary to travel into Ontario to obtain health care or social services
  • the travel is necessary for a humanitarian or compassionate reason  

 6. Can someone leaving a domestic abuse situation cross the border?

 Yes, shelters in Ottawa are open to residents of both Ontario and Quebec.

 7. Will police be conducting random stops?

 The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) will not be conducting random stops.

8. Will police be on the inter-provincial bridges 24/7?

As of April 20, 2021, the OPS will no longer maintain a 24/7 presence on inter-provincial bridges. Officers will be deployed on a rotating schedule of checkpoints moving throughout all of the connecting bridges, until the expiry of the provincial order.

Demands for service will be assessed on a daily basis and adjusted as required.

9. Is the Ottawa Police Service working with other police services?

The OPS is currently working in tandem with OPH, our City partners, Gatineau Police, Surete du Quebec and the RCMP to assess any local public health, traffic and safety impacts.

10.  I’m a healthcare/essential worker, will I need a letter to indicate that to show to officers?

No. Just make sure you are carrying government-issued identification (e.g. driver's licence) should officers request verification.

11.  Where can I report someone to that isn’t following current Stay at Home Order?

Ottawa City By-Law is responsible for investigating any incidents of non-compliance. They will call the OPS to attend if required. Please dial 311 to file a complaint.

12.  I still have questions, who can I contact?

For all police-related questions you can email

For questions relating to the Stay at Home Order, please contact the Provincial government at: 416-325-3777

Read our most recent media release.