Equity Diversity and Inclusion

In early 2020, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) released its first multi-year Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. The plan is built on significant input from many different sources, including recently released reports and recommendations from both police and community members who contributed to the many meetings, interviews, forums and surveys over the two years leading up to the plan.  We also worked closely with the Community Equity Council (CEC) and its working groups to design the plan and set priorities. 

The goal of the EDI Action Plan is to prevent, identify, and eliminate all acts and forms of discrimination in our workplace, and in the way we deliver service to the public.  It has an internal membership focus, as well as an external service delivery focus. The Action Plan is our blueprint through 2022 and is focused on removing barriers, improving systems, and building a culture that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion.  It’s about creating a police service our police and community members deserve. It meets the OPS' priorities to: deliver a duty of care, build public trust, and align with the City and Province's Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) strategies.

The 2020-2022 EDI Action Plan takes a progressive approach, with year one concentrated on building the foundational elements to support change, year two focused on implementation of programs and systems changes, and year three assessing operations and measuring impacts.




We welcome comments and feedback at EDI@ottawapolice.ca.



The Plan centres on ten priority action items:

  1. EDI Office Plan management.
  2. EDI coaching and mentoring to equip OPS leaders with culture change tools.
  3. Development of an EDI Lens Toolkit to improve decision-making across functions.
  4. Reintroduction and enhancements to the Hate Crime Section to improve response and support to impacted communities.
  5. Enhanced community policing, including expansion of Neighbourhood Resource Teams.
  6. Continued anti-racial profiling efforts to address over- and under-policing concerns using a multi-stakeholder approach to policy, procedures, and accountability measures.
  7. Updated Outreach Recruitment and Background Check processes to remove unintended barriers and increase competitive applications.
  8. Community dialogue and stakeholder engagement for more effective mental health response with an interagency and intersectional approach to contribute to community safety and well-being. 
  9. Enhanced member wellness supports and inclusion efforts - accommodations, early intervention, and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
  10. Improved complaint resolution process for members and supervisors– including a special project focused on addressing sexual violence and harassment in the workplace.

Questions? email EDI@ottawapolice.ca 

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