Respect Values and Inclusion

Chief Peter Sloly has announced the launch of the Ottawa Police Service’s (OPS) Respect, Values and Inclusion (RVI) Directorate that will incorporate a whole-of-service approach to issues like workplace harassment, discrimination, human rights issues, as well as ethics, equity, diversity and inclusion principles. 

The RVI Directorate addresses the major concerns raised by both OPS members and Ottawa community members for a more progressive and inclusive police service and is a significant investment in advancing the Ottawa Police Services Board's strategic priorities. 

“I am also pleased to announce that this new directorate will come under the command of newly-promoted Superintendent Isobel Granger. I want to congratulate Isobel on her promotion, which recognizes her longstanding and ongoing contributions to policing and community policing both locally, nationally and internationally,” said Sloly. “She is a leader in the policing world and her investigative background, policing experience and great respect in our local community will be a major benefit to our service as we move forward. I have every confidence in her ability to lead this important and new directorate.” 


The OPS Executive Command began planning the implementation of the RVI directorate in late 2019 to help improve in the areas of workplace harassment, discrimination, human rights issues, ethics, diversity and inclusion. The new directorate will build on the existing work of both the Respectful Workplace Program and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) project. Under the RVI directorate, the newly formed RVI  section will work to support professional, ethical, values-based behaviour in the OPS, and the new EDI section will support the Ottawa Police with proactive and responsive strategies to better serve our communities. 

Under the command of Supt. Granger, this directorate will work to ensure overall member inclusion and to promote better practices, policies and decision-making that is fair, respectful and equitable.  The Directorate will have a significant amount of leadership strength and experience in Director Deborah Aarenau, Respect, Ethics and Values, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Director David Snoddy. 


Equity Diversity and Inclusion Section
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Section

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Section: Will be led by Director Snoddy and will focus on how we can bring the broader membership together by implementing inclusive practices, as well as leading and incorporating systemic change throughout the organization. The EDI Action Plan, previously approved by the Board, will be the guiding strategy for the section.

Respect Ethics and Values Section
Respect Ethics and Values Section

Respect, Ethics and Values (REV) Section: Will be led by Director Deborah Aarenau and will focus on respectful workplace and ethics and will be mandated to implement proactive and responsive strategies to improve professional, ethical, values-based behaviour in all members and in the OPS as a whole.



David Snoddy’s experience in equity, diversity, inclusion, community and police relations, spans over three decades and three sectors; the private, not for profit and now with public service, and has worked and served on initiatives at the local, provincial and national levels.

Most of his work has had a primary focus on human rights and social justice inclusion, including education and awareness, systemic change, organizational effectiveness, anti oppression, racial profiling, gender and sexual diversity, employee resource groups, safe spaces and a reciprocal mentorship program as a few examples. 

Prior to his work with the Ottawa Police Service, David worked with the provincial government at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, with a significant portion of that tenure with the Ontario Police College and the Ontario Correctional Services College, both with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
Some of David’s experience includes support to and work with; Canadian Certification for Inclusion Practitioners Program with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, EDI Committee/Ontario Association of Chief’s of Police, EDI Committee/Canadian Association of Chief’s of Police, as well as long time supporter to Ontario Women in Law Enforcement, Association of Black Law Enforcers, and as an advisor and a founding member of Serving with Pride. 

David joined the Ottawa Police Service in 2013 where he has served in his role as Director, Community Development (Community Development and Diversity Race Relations) and has been steady advocate and leader for EDI work within the Ottawa Police Service.

Certificates and Awards

  • OPS Transformational Leadership, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University
  • Police Leadership Program, Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto
  • Leadership Foundations Program, London                                 
  • Tools for Tolerance for Command Staff, Simon Weisenthal Centre Museum of Tolerance, LA
  • Developmental Disabilities and the Justice System, London
  • Teaching Diversity Train the Trainer, Institute for Law Enforcement Administration, Toronto
  • OPP Native Awareness Course, North Bay
  • Community Policing Mobilization Program, Queens University, Kingston
  • Cultural Awareness Train the Trainer, International Association of Chiefs of Police, MO
  • National Aboriginal Policing Forum, Ottawa
  • Conference for Gay & Lesbian Criminal Justice Professionals, FL / RI
  • National Law Enforcement and Aboriginal Diversity Conference, Ottawa            
  • Outstanding Service Award Serving with Pride, Supporter Award ABLE, Service to Ontario, Durham Regional Police, Toronto Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton Police.


Superintendent Isobel Granger‘s lifelong commitment to empowering individuals  towards better lives and social change is truly extraordinary. She has advocated on behalf of issues affecting women and children most of her life. And her hard work, excellence, professionalism and service have made a profound difference in the lives of many in Canada and abroad. From her role as the first black officer to join the ranks with the British South Africa Police in segregated Rhodesia (which became Zimbabwe) and as one of the first five black female officers with the Ottawa Police Service in 1994;  through to her work delivering gender-based sexual violence training to UN personnel in peace operations around the world. Supt. Granger’s leadership has spanned from platoon to various high profile sections, including supervisor in the Diversity and Race Relations  Section, Partner Assault Unit, and the Criminal Investigations Directorate and the Ottawa Police Youth & Diversion Section.

      Supt. Granger  is a catalyst for change that engages, motivates and inspires young women to consider the role they can play in strengthening the civic fabric of Canada. In 2015, Supt. Granger was deployed to Cambodia as one of eight investigators from around the world investigating atrocities and war crimes perpetrated against the Cambodian population during the Khmer Rouge era.  She is currently one of few people from around the world, on the Justice Rapid Response Roster, a United Nations Women’s Initiative of investigators who are qualified to investigate Sexual Gender Based violence related War Crimes against state leaders at the international level. Currently as part of Canada’s National Action Plan on Gender Reform she delivers GBA+ (Gender Based Analysis Plus) training with the Centre for Intercultural Learning (CFSC) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Supt. Granger has a Bachelor or Arts (BA) in Policing  Studies and a Masters Degree (MA) in Leadership.

Awards and Recognition

  • The Certificate of Recognition by the Senate of Canada for participating in the Crossover Mentorship Program
  • The 2002 Ontario Women in Law Enforcement (OWLE) Margaret Eve Leadership Award
  • The 2008 Martin Luther King – Dream Keepers Award
  • The 2009 Black Leaders Leading Award from Profiles in Diversity Journal honouring 50 Black Leaders in North America
  • The 2012 BCWEN Champion Award (Black Women’s Civic Engagement Network)
  • The International Toastmaster Award for Communication and Leadership (2013).
  • Awarded the Order of Merit of the Police Forces by the Governor General Friday at Rideau Hall (2015)
  • The Harry Jerome Award for Public Advocacy (2017)
  • Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation from The Cairo Regional Center for Training on Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA)
  • The Certificate of Recognition from Planet Africa for participating in the Crossover Mentorship Program





Deborah Aarenau joined the Ottawa Police Service in 2008. She was hired to manage the Respectful Workplace Program; an updated version of the former Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Program. A few years ago, she highlighted the need for an enhanced Ethics Program and raised the bar with the introduction and management of the Service Sergeant Major (SSM) and Corps Sergeant Major (CSM) positions. She is the subject matter expert responsible for providing strategic leadership, direction, decision making and oversight for all issues pertaining to discrimination, harassment, human rights, conflict, respect and ethical issues, across the OPS. She earned the designations of Chartered Mediator (C. Med) and that of Leading Professional in Ethics and Compliance (LPEC), and she holds a Certificate in Organizational Values and Ethics. She is also a member of the CACP Ethics Committee. Most recently she wrote and published a paper as part of an International Working Group, on “Respectful Workplace”, published by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) Research Branch in the US. She also published an article in The Employee Assistance Quarterly titled “The Successful Reintegration of Employees Who Have Experienced Mental Illness”.  Deborah also holds a Bachelor of Social Work from McGill University in Montreal and a Master of Social Work from Rutgers University in New Jersey, along with many post-graduate courses and certifications in her field. 

Prior to joining OPS, Deborah had been contracted to Canada Post Corporation as Regional Program Manager Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for almost 15 years.  She managed cases for all of Eastern and Northern Ontario, as well as Canada Post Corporate Headquarters.  Deborah counseled employees, facilitated critical incident stress debriefings and handled violence and harassment issues in the workplace. Management and union consulted with her on issues relating to respect, harassment, discrimination, diversity, conflict and mental health in the workplace, and she also supervised 40 peer referral agents.  She created, facilitated and delivered seminars and workshops on these topics as well.

Following that, Deborah attained a short term contract position with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), where she wrote many policies and guidelines dealing with the psycho-social and human aspect involved in the arming initiative. She wrote the EAP Policies and Guidelines, the Critical Incident Stress Management Policies and others specific to arming. As well, Deborah was contracted to the Department of National Defense (DND), where she was responsible for conducting an EAP Service Delivery Model Review on the current status of their EAP.  This involved running focus groups and conducting interviews with key players and then creating a report along with recommendations that were presented to the Joint Union/Management Steering Committee.  Deborah also has experience working with The Ottawa Hospital in multiple units.

Certificates and Training

  • Essentials of Ethics & Compliance (E2C) -ECI

  • Practical Ethics for Working Mediators -ADR Institute of Ontario

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution, Conflict Theory, Negotiation and Mediation – The Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation

  • Conflict Management Coaching - CINERGY

  • Transformational Workplace Conferencing Training: Restorative Practices - ProActive Resolutions

  • Intervening in Group Conflict - Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR)

  • Crucial Conversations Training - VitalSmarts

  • The Science & Practice of Coaching Abrasive Leaders - Boss Whispering Institute

  • Becoming a Third-Party Neutral Program Modules 1-4 - Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR)

  • Workplace Restoration – Carleton University

  • Mastering Fact Finding and Investigation Program – Queen’s University

  • Harassment Investigation Training -The Workplace Institute

  • Team Coaching International 

  • OPS Senior Leadership Development Program – Carleton University

  • Crisis Response Team Training - NOVA

  • Dealing with Grief & Bereavement – Bereaved Families of Ontario

  • Certified STRESSMAP Trainer – Essi Systems

  • Chemical Dependency: Diagnosis & Intervention – Rideauwood Institute

  • Cognitive Therapy for Couples – DATA Associates

  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy –  The Ottawa Hospital




"Recently, the Service has been challenged by several incidents that do not exemplify our values as an organization or the expectations of the public. It is clear we have work to do to improve our culture and the RVI Directorate is designed to provide the supports and expertise we need to address and avoid these challenges in the future. We need a strong, holistic set of practices that will ensure that incidents, like the ones we have been witnessing recently, do not occur. We need to be united in this approach, and we need everyone to contribute to its success," said Chief Sloly.

“Policing is a profession of both honour and courage. Every day we come to work for the sole purpose of helping those in need. We need to raise the bar on what we expect from each other, because that, in turn, will translate into how we serve and protect this city,” said Chief Sloly.

If you have questions please email this new Directorate at