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Autism spectrum disorders now affects 1 in 125 children in Ontario.

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The OPS is partnering with MedicAlert to connect police with the needs of vulnerable members of our community. Please visit our page at to register. 

We are in the process of transitioning the registry over to MedicAlert. If you have questions, you can email to


The Registry for People with Autism is a program in partnership with the Ottawa Chapter of Autism Ontario. 

The goal of the program is to promote communication and give police quick access to critical information about a registered individual in the case of an emergency situation or contact with police.

The Registry can provide police with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines, favourite attractions or special needs of the individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   This information can assist officers in communicating with, attending a residence of or dealing with an emergency involving an individual with ASD.

Although the program is titled Autism Registry, we have accepted registrations from other individuals where it would be beneficial to have the information prior to any interactions with police.  We are currently looking at possible expansion into other communities who, by virtue of the information that will be provided, will meet the goals of the program.

How it Works:

If you have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Once the online form is submitted, you will receive a thank you notice by email which: 

  • Confirms the form is being processed;
  • Provides a confirmation "Flag Number"; 
  • Provides the option to attach a picture (face only picture similar to a passport or school picture) by replying to the email confirmation flag record number.  
  • Advises you of the option to place an "Emergency Alert" window decal at your residence, which will alert police that there is an occupant with autism who participates in the registry.  To receive one of these decals, you must directly contact Autism Ontario - Ottawa Chapter.

Remember to Register annually!

Annual registration is required to keep your form active. It is the responsibility of the person with autism or the guardian to resubmit their form.  It is recommended that you resubmit on the registrant's birthday to make it easier to remember.