Back to School

BACK TO SCHOOL: Get your kids to and from school safely. Read our school bus safety tips.

Back to School: Get your kids to and from school safely. Read our school bus safety tips.

Safety tips for drivers, cyclists, students and pedestrians:

  • Motorists and cyclists need to pay particular attention to stopped school buses during the school year. School buses are required to stop at all railway crossings but aren't obligated to use upper red lights so follow carefully.
  • Vehicle owners can be fined from $400 - $2,000 and 6 demerit points, if their vehicle illegally passes a stopped school bus.
  • Watch for pedestrians! Slow down, drive carefully and watch for pedestrians or cyclists.
  • Avoid letting children walk to or from school alone. Talk to your neighbours - there may be another child who needs a buddy to walk with.
  • Remind youth that if waiting for a bus or walking to school, to never get in a car with a stranger, even if they offer a ride or ask for their help. Tell your kids that adults should only ask other adults for help, not children, and teach them to trust their instincts and get help when needed.
  • Children often have a hard time understanding that traffic can come from several different directions at intersections. A child needs to be shown - not just told - how to cross a road safely. Do it together and teach them about the importance of road safety.
  • In Ottawa, thousands of children ride safely to school on buses every day. Parents should ensure that their children know how to stay safe on and around school buses.

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