Bike Theft Prevention

Bike theft prevention tips

  • Register your bike with 529 Garage. You can learn more about this new bike registry at
  • We recommend that you purchase a quality bike lock, preferably made out of solid steel. Having two locks to secure your bike is even better.
  • Find out if your college, university, or place of work participates in a bike program with locked, gated parking areas.
  • If you're parking in an open area, make sure you secure your bike to a large fixed object in a well-lit area (for example a parking meter or an anchored bike rack). If possible, park your bike where there is natural surveillance (such as a bike rack positioned near heavy traffic, or in front of a window where there is an office in sight of the bike, etc).
  • Position your lock around the fixed object, bike frame, and back Two bike lockswheel. If you have a second lock, place it around the bike frame and front wheel. If possible, another good option is to remove the front wheel and lock it next to the back wheel. Also, if you have an easily removable seat, you may want to remove it and take it with you to deter thieves.
  • Avoid parking your bike in the same location every day so a thief can’t just come back with the needed tools.
  • Point the keyhole of your lock toward the ground so it's harder for a thief to work quickly on the lock. And keep the lock off the ground so a thief cannot crush the lock.
  • It’s always good idea to take pictures of any valuables you own (including your bike!). This assists police in investigations as well as having a record for your insurance companies.
  • Don’t hesitate to report any bike thefts or damages due to attempted theft. It’s important to report crime. Statistics received from reported incidents identify patterns so we can better direct police resources. To file a report, visit us online or call 613-236-1222, ext 7300.