Car Rallies and Road Safety

What is a Car Rally?

A car rally is a treasure-hunt type of event in which high school seniors get together at night, either on or off school property, to begin their hunt. Car Rallies are a very popular activity for the graduating class to hold. Rallies are used as a means to raise funds for graduation however, these events are unsanctioned by the school. Teams pay to enter and the winning team gets half of the money, the rest is used to pay for other grad initiatives.

The students are divided into teams, each with a car, and these teams race to find and complete their list. The list can typically range from innocent miscellaneous household items, to more rowdy and disruptive , degrading and/or dangerous acts such as streaking, stealing, kidnapping, damage to property or speeding. Often these events are recorded by students and shared online by video and social media. In some cases, people have been injured as well. Most parents are quite horrified at the tasks their children are engaging in, not to mention putting theirs and others lives in danger.

What is OPS doing?

Advised officers are taking a Zero Tolerance approach to incidents that contravene either Municipal, Provincial or Federal statutes. Patrol officers, District officers and Investigators will be conducting enforcement and will fully investigate any incidents that are related to car rallies. Charges will be laid where applicable.

What should Parents Be Aware of?

OPS wants parents to be aware of the consequences under the Criminal Code, Highway Traffic Act, Parental responsibility Act and Insurance repercussions should their children be stopped by police or worse, involved in an accident while taking part. Any and all provincial and municipal statutes will be considered when charges are pursued.

These Rallies are a drain on police, fire and paramedic resources and tie up emergency workers for significant lengths of time, keeping them from attending potentially more pressing calls for service at peak times.

Officers responding to these calls are making every effort to contact parents if youth are under 18. Parents may be asked to attend the scene to collect their child.

To avoid tragedy and potentially long-lasting repercussions, OPS is asking that parents find out what their children are planning to do when they borrow the family car on a Friday or Saturday night.

Remember, you are well within your rights to ask those crucial questions and if you are not satisfied, deny them use of your vehicle.

Finally, OPS is also requesting that residents who are affected by these pranks, contact police with any information they may have to assist in these investigations.

  • Ottawa Police Service Police Reporting Unit: (613) 236-1222 ext 7300.
  • For life threatening calls, please call 9-1-1.
  • Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477 or visit