Common Family Issues

Ask yourself - would your child know what to do if…

  • She got lost at the shopping mall?Police Officer speaking to a child in the park
  • A friendly stranger offered him a ride home?
  • She's being bullied at school?
  • The babysitter, a neighbour, or relative wanted him to play a secret game?
  • A friend asked him to drink some beer or try drugs?
  • She was pressured to send someone naked photos of herself?
  • A police officer pulled over the vehicle he was driving or she got into a collision?

These are some of the most common concerns voiced by Ottawa parents and guardians. While it's difficult to teach children how to balance trust with caution, kids need to know common sense rules that can help keep them safe.

The following resources provide a good start for creating awareness and building the self-confidence your child may need to handle an emergency.

Some Useful Resources from the Children’s Aid Society:Children's Aid Society logo

Crisis Resources:

  • Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line for Eastern Ontario (24/7) 613-260-2360 or 1-877-377-7775
  • Distress Centre of Ottawa (24/7) 613-238-3311
  • Mental Health Crisis Line (24/7) 1-866-996-0991
  • Kids Help Phone (24/7) 1-800-668-6868
  • Youth Services Bureau 613-260-2360 (24/7 Crisis Line)
  • Crisis Helpline in Ottawa 613-722-6914