Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to help owners, managers, residents and police work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity out of rental communities.

What the Program is all aboutCMHC sign

  • Multi-faceted approach to crime prevention geared specifically for the rental community.
  • Partnership between police, landlords and residents.
  • Copyright program (Mesa Police) that utilizes a three-phase certification process.
  • Comprehensive screening process for new residents and renewed leases.
  • Benefits to all partners involved.

CFMHP - Three-Phase Certification Process

Phase 1: Landlord Management Training (one-time certification training)

The police train the landlord (employees) in understanding:

  • Crime prevention;
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED);
  • Resident selection;
  • Combating illegal activity;
  • Good property management; and 
  • Building partnerships within the community.

Phase 2: CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Envi ronmental Design) Inspection

The police conduct a yearly CPTED audit of the building and grounds and provide a written report to the landlord. The landlord must meet the minimum standards to receive certification. Basic fundamentals of CPTED are:

  • Access Control;
  • Surveillance; and 
  • Territorial Reinforcement (includes maintenance and activity generators).

Phase 3: Resident Safety Social

The police meet with residents to explain the Program and the importance of their role in the partnership with police and the landlord by:

  • Encouraging participation in pro-active initiatives; and 
  • Providing crime prevention and safety awareness tips.

Landlords who receive full certification in the Program are permitted to post the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program signs and include the copyright logo in their advertising.

Benefits for Landlords:

  • More stable and satisfied resident base - extended lease term.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs - improved property values.
  • Improved personal safety for owners and managers.
  • Appreciation for dedication to Community involvement - appreciative neighbours - improved communication.

Benefits for Residents:

  • Safer and more pleasant place to live - want a longer term residency.
  • Community environment -neighbours actually speak to each other.
  • Identify with owners and managers who care and make a difference.
  • Develop a sense of personal pride & ownership.

Benefits for Police:

  • Reduced calls for service.
  • Better use of police resources.
  • Better communication - exchange of information.
  • Cooperation and better relationship with owners, managers and residents for the purposes of crime prevention, detection and enforcement.

To obtain further information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program contact:

Stephanie Batista CFMHP Coordinator, email or call 613- 236-1222 ext 2324.

Cst. Matthew Hunt, CPTED Unit and Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, email or call 613-236-1222, ext 2319.

Landlords presently participating in the program include:

  Byron Rental Properties   Osgoode logo  Paramount logo  

Regional Group

United Properties Ottawa logo  SPCL logo

 Island Park Towers Willcraft logoTannenhof The silvergroup    Accora Village logoOgilvie Gardens

CLV group   

Hollington Apartments 613-699-0993

Cornucopia Property Management Corporation

Cornucopia Property Management Corporation