Don't Invite Us to the Party

People jumping for joy.

Have a safe and fun year, and keep on track with your studies but don't invite us to the party!

House Parties…

There are some common issues and complaints that the Ottawa Police or City of Ottawa Bylaw services tend to receive around schools and areas where many students live. Avoid these or we'll have to crash the party:

  • Noise violations: City of Ottawa Noise Bylaw states that hosts can be charged for the actions of their guests.
  • Alcohol in public: Other than in a licenced area, alcohol is not permitted in public places including sidewalks, streets, and parks.
  • Mischief & Theft: Under the Criminal Code of Canada, you can be charged with mischief for various disruptions. "Minor" things like taking a neighbours lawn ornament or stealing a street sign, can lead to a charge of theft.
  • Don’t Kick Your Garbage to the Curb: Your landlord must provide you with sufficient garbage bins which must be kept in the backyard/side yard. Garbage cannot be placed on the curb before 6pm on the day before your scheduled pick-up. For more info on garbage collection, visit

If you’re going out…

  • Stay close to your friends, keep an eye on each other and each others’ drink and plan a safe ride home in advance.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoiding isolated or poorly lit areas.
  • Avoid making yourself a target for robbery by displaying valuable possessions such as cell phones, ipods, headphones etc.
  • Trust your instincts; if you don’t feel safe, tell someone and find a safe way home.

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