Safety for Women Workshop

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Ottawa is regarded by many as one of the safest cities in the world but common sense tells us that the streets of any city are not entirely safe. Many crimes don't discriminate between male and female, but most will agree that women are particularly vulnerable to certain types of crime.

The Ottawa Police offers a workshop about women's safety...

... that provides safety information to women to reduce the risk of victimization. The course develops knowledge of personal safety while covering topics such as:

  1. Understanding assault, statistics, and the law
  2. Familiarity with self-defence, weapons and the law
  3. Unconventional weapons and techniques
  4. Awareness of real attack situations
  5. Safety in the car and home
  6. Date rape and drug facilitated sexual assault
  7. Stalking

This course is designed to accommodate women ages 13 and up. Techniques are simple and easy to learn.

FEE: $35*

*Our fee covers administration costs. All proceeds are donated to the United Way and its affiliates. This is entirely a volunteer-run program and all course fees collected by the Ottawa Police and its volunteers are given to charity as our way of giving back to the community. In fact, to date, the Streetproofing for Women Program has donated over $24,000 to the United Way and its affiliates, earmarked for women and children in crisis. 

DRESS CODE: Athletic wear and running shoes

*Self-defence Techniques may include but are not limited to: various hand and leg strikes, escapes and releases, pressure points, awareness of pressure point areas.

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