Traffic Complaint Reporting

Aggressive driving and disobedience of the rules of the road remain a top concern for Ottawa commuters.

Aside from obeying the rules of the road yourself and being courteous and sharing the road with others, you can help make Ottawa roads safer by reporting traffic incidents to the Police. The Ottawa Police Service looks upon driving complaints very seriously. Traffic complaints are compiled in a database that is used by analysts to assist in strategic enforcement to effectively and efficiently improve public safety.  

What do I need to know about making a traffic complaint?

We strongly enourage you to make all your traffic complaints using our easy and quick online reporting system. If it's an emergency and needs immediate police response, please call 911 immediately. Please be prepared to provide the following specific information:

Please note that if you do not have the correct licence plate number matching the vehicle description, there is a limit to the amount a police investigation can do.

Required Information:

1. Incident: Date, Time ( AM or PM), Location, Direction of Travel.

2. Driver Information: Driver description (Male/Female, Age, Hair etc).

3. Vehicle Information: Licence Plate (Number,  Province), Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Colour, Car/Truck/Bicycle/ Other (please specify), Any other features (i.e. trailer hitch, modified parts etc).

4. Details of Incident

5. Your Information: Name, Address, Phone (home, business, mobile), Date of Birth.

How do I report an aggressive driver?

Any person who witnesses a driving offence such as "aggressive driving", can call Ottawa Police. If the incident is in progress and if the driving is serious enough that other persons - whether motorists, cyclists or pedestrians are at risk, you can call 911.

If you call 911, you will be asked where the aggressive driving is occurring (i.e. name of road, direction of travel), a description of the driver and vehicle along with your name and phone number.

The car may be pulled over within a kilometre of the incident, but the driver at that time may be driving properly - following the rules of the road. The driver may be impaired, and officers will act accordingly. If you witnessed the offence - YOU ARE REQUIRED FOR COURT.

How do I report an ongoing traffic concern in my area (for example a stop sign being ignored)

For traffic complaints such as a reoccurring traffic violation in your neighbourhood, we encourage you to file a report online. Reporting this information will help the Ottawa Police better allocate police resources.  Data collected from reports will be used to better-direct OPS resources towards proactive policing measures to enhance safety for road users city-wide.

Safer Roads

Ottawa Police actively participates in the Safer Roads Ottawa Program and Project STEP. Each month, two traffic safety priorities (themes) are highlighted for additional enforcement.