Boating safety

Be prepared

The Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC) is mandatory on all waterways in Canada as prescribed in the Canada Shipping Act 2001 and regulations. We go an extra step by recommending that you take a boating skills course. Always check the weather conditions before heading out, make sure that your boat is mechanically sound and that you have enough gas for your trip. A first aid kit as well as the proper safety equipment and emergency contact information should also be on board.

Wear a lifejacketChild being fitted for a lifejacket.

Boats are required by law to have enough life jackets/PFDs on board for each person on the boat. Ensure they are properly sized for the passengers on board – children should only wear properly fitted child size lifejackets. And to decrease the risk of drowning, everyone in the boat needs to be wearing the life jacket/PFD at all times.

Impaired Driving

Alcohol remains a factor in half of all boating fatalities. We’ve all heard “if Don't Drink and Drive logoyou drink, don’t drive” but it’s the same on the water. Boating while impaired is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and a boat is a vehicle in the same way a car is under the Highway Traffic Act in all provinces and territories. If you are convicted of driving any motorized vehicle under the influence, you will lose your licence.

* Source: Canadian Power and  Sail  Squadrons