Break and Enter

Break and Enter is the offence committed when any person unlawfully enters any place with the intent of committing a criminal offence therein.

There is no set time that a break-in is more likely to occur. There are suspects who only commit break-ins at night, while others operate during the day.

Break-in suspects do not normally want to be seen or detected. They will usually break into a home that appears to be unoccupied.

For information about Robberies, commonly mistaken forMan approaching a dark house break and enters, please refer to the Robbery page.

If you are going away for any length of time, ensure you have a trusted person looking after your home to give appearance of occupancy.

Here are some tips to make your home appear occupied:

  • Don't post on social media that you are going away. Also, avoid posting those amazing vacation photos until you have returned home.

  • Have someone shovel the driveway and collect the mail
  • Take out the garbage
  • Set some lights on timers (set the timer to random, if possible)
  • If you've purchased valuables items like electronics, cut up the boxes so as not to advertise that you have these expensive items. This is especially something to keep in mind around the holiday season.

For more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions on Break and Enter Unit page.

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