Counterfeit Bills

It is important that we educate ourselves on knowing what to look for to recognize Counterfeit Canadian Currency. There are numerous security features built directly in to the notes to help safeguard against counterfeiting. The Bank of Canada provides excellent Online Counterfeit Training. The RCMP also provides useful information on Counterfeit Detection.

If you are interested in educating yourself to recognize Counterfeit US Dollars, check out the United States Secret Service.

  • Educate employees on how to detect counterfeit money.
  • Never rely on just one method of detection. Some security features can be defeated by various methods however it is extremely unlikely that you will ever come across a note that will defeat several features.
  • Train employees on what to do if they suspect a bill may be counterfeit. Tell them to remain calm and try to avoid a confrontation. Make note of the description of the person passing the bill(s) and try to obtain a vehicle description and licence plate. Contact non-emergency police numbers to make your report.
  • REMEMBER - SAFETY FIRST! If you are concerned for your immediate personal safety, CALL 911.

What should I do if I receive Counterfeit Currency as change from a store or from a bank machine?

If you are still at the store or at the bank, immediately notify the staff that you have received Counterfeit Currency. If they are satisfied that they gave it to you, they will likely replace it on the spot.