Crime Stats

Community Safety Statistics

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) recognizes the value of sharing information that supports community safety and well-being in our City. Crime and community safety statistics provide residents and visitors with information that helps improve awareness of personal safety and also supports neighbourhood problem solving efforts. OPS has continuously expanded the availability of crime and community safety data through a number of channels.

In addition to the information found on our website, the OPS regularly provides data to the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study. The ONS enables neighbourhood level analysis of the social determinants of health in our community. Users have access to a wealth of data in a format that is accessible and can be easily interpreted. Crime data complements demographic, socio-economic, health and wellness, civic engagement, community resources, parks and recreation, data sets already available. The combination of these data sets provides the community with a rich profile of data for each neighbourhood that can be used to improve planning, support program development, and inform decision making.

Disaggregated data on crime, bike theft, and shootings is also available through Open Ottawa.

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Crime Trends Reports

The 2020-2021 Crime Trends Report for the City of Ottawa and City Wards (23) provides a snapshot of police activity for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2021. This report examines all founded Criminal Code of Canada offences that were reported to the Ottawa Police over the last five-years.

The crime statistics published in these reports are accurate on the day that they were produced. Due to ongoing police investigations and internal data quality control efforts, this information is subject to change, including addition, deletion and reclassification of any and all data. Rates and percentages have been rounded.